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						Patriot H8080 1 E Rod Header

CARB-Legal Headers for GM LS E-Rod

Patriot Exhaust Products now has a CARB (California Air Resources Board) Legal header for GM E-Rod motor swaps. This unit (Part No. H8080) replaces the factory cast-iron manifolds with a tubular header that retains the factory catalytic converter position to maintain legal emissions compatibility. This Patriot header is said to be the only CARB-legal (CARB EO #D-57-29) header on the market for the E-Rod Swaps into any 1995-and-older vehicle. This piece will accommodate stock factory steering setups, and most aftermarket conversion suspensions as well, and can be used with most aftermarket motor and transmission mounts designed for the LS1/LS6 engine transplant (like Patriot’s own SK100 mount kit). Its extra ground clearance makes “slammed” cars drivable, and also simplifies installing an above-frame rail exhaust system. Included is a welded oxygen-sensor bung in the collector for fuel-injection applications.

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