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By the Numbers: 2019 London Cobra Show

2019 London Cobra Show recap

Photos courtesy of the Ohio Cobra Club

The 2019 London Cobra Show was a resounding success, with 165 registered Cobras (plus vendor’s cars) on display along London, Ohio’s Main Street on Saturday, June 22. In addition, 257 Cobra rides were given Saturday for a $10.00 donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

This year was a change from past years with a new hotel venue, the Crowne Plaza hotel in Dublin, Ohio, that allowed all of the Cobra owners and guests to stay in a single place. The new location had plenty of parking for the Cobras and the approximately 80 pickups with trailers that were used to transport the Cobras from 31 States and Canada.

Dinner on Saturday night was a sold out affair, featuring a talk by Mr. Dave Friedman. Friedman was the official photographer for Shelby American during the Cobras heyday of racing.

As Saturday night’s dinner wound down, the winning raffle ticket was drawn from the ticket tumbler for the beautiful Coyote powered FFR Mk IV Cobra. Mr. Anthony M. from New Castle, Pennsylvania, wound up the lucky winner of Cobra, built the crew at FormaCars. At the close of the dinner, the Ohio Cobra Club presented a check to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in the amount of $90,000. The donation, as past donations, was earmarked for research into finding a cure for CF. This donation raises the total amount donated to CFF over the years to $1,423,000.00.

Information on the 2020 London Cobra Show will be available at www.londoncobrashow.com in a few weeks.

Thanks and drive safe.

Roy L. Edgar

Secretary – Ohio Cobra Club / London Cobra Show

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