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British-Built BMW Rebody

The Bertini GT 25

The Bertini GT 25, a bolt-on fiberglass conversion kit for BMW Z3, is in its final stages of development, and scheduled to debut in early May at the Stoneleigh show in the U.K. Only the body panels are replaced, while the factory doors, sills and roof remain. All interior and running gear are also retained from original Z3. 

Designed by Anthony Cherry, he says his inspiration came from some of his favorite cars: Jaguar E and F type, TVR, BMW Z8, Aston Martin, Maserati and AC Cobra.  While the Z3 has a large range of engines, from 1.8L to a 3.2L straight six, V8 conversions have also been done for BMW Z3s using GM’s LS engine. 

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