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Brand New Yenko Camaro

Yenko Camaro continuation from Brand New Muscle Car

By Dean Larson

Photos courtesy of Brand New Muscle Car

Any GM muscle car aficionado worth his salt knows the name Don Yenko. Yenko became a muscle car legend in the 1960s by offering customers the cars GM wouldn’t build, using off-the-shelf parts. Yenko fielded a whole fleet of well-built cars, but it’s without a doubt, the sYc Camaro that made him famous. With a 427-cubic-inch, 425 hp big block under the hood, and your choice of GM’s toughest running gear, the Yenko Camaro was the ultimate iteration of the GM F-Body. Only 783 Yenko Camaros were built between 1967-69, and these cars can be worth more than $300,000 today, placing these cars firmly in the “trailer queen” category. But now, there’s another option out there if you’re looking for a real-deal Yenko you can actually drive.

Brand New Muscle Car of Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializes in — you guessed it — building brand-new classic muscle cars. BNMC already has a selection of Camaro build options on their spec sheet, but is now able to offer an officially licensed Yenko Camaro continuation car. Starting with new sheet metal from Dynacorn, or an original chassis, BNMC will build a 1967-69 Yenko to complete original specifications, with original paint codes, interior, Muncie transmissions and L72 427 V8. Customers can also select from a long list of performance add-ons including driveline, chassis and suspension upgrades, and any cosmetic or comfort improvements.

The BNMC Yenko continuation comes with a certificate of authenticity and Yenko serial number and starts at $149,995, making it a pricey muscle car, but up to 50 percent less than an original.

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