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Bespoke British Sports Cars

Bespoke British Sports Cars offers a complete line of historic British sports cars from Lynx Motors Int. Ltd. and Proteus Sports and Racing Cars, both of Henley England. Lynx and Proteus create the finest recreations, replicas and evolutions of the great Jaguar racecars of the 1950s and 1960s. Lynx, celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, builds the C-Type, D-Type, XKSS and Lightweight E-Types (including the elegant Low Drag). Lynx also prepares meticulous restorations of flat floor E-Types, Porsche 911s and other great vehicles.  Proteus, (nearly 40 years in the business) produces the leading evolution of the C-Type, with advanced modern fuel injection or traditional carburation. Upon very special order, Proteus can supply a Proteus Le Mans—a spectacular recreation of the legendary XJ13. For North American inquiries, please contact Lawrence Baxter, Bespoke British Sports Cars at lawrence@bespokebritishsportscars.com.


Bespoke British Sports Cars | 1010 Horner St. | Durham, NC 27707 

919-413-4908 | lawrence@bespokebritishsportscars.com | www.bespokebritishsportscars.com

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