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Beginners’ Goblin

Goblin, by Doyle’s Fabrication

Looking for a first-time project? That’s the idea behind the Goblin, developed by Doyle’s Fabrication, a family-owned CNC shop that makes repair fittings and tools for aircraft. Using the same process as making a tool for the aircraft business, the company’s first step was to pull the main components from the donor car (a Chevrolet Cobalt) and model them on the computer. The chassis was then designed around the Cobalt engine, subframe, seats and other reusable donor parts. 

The goal was to create an affordable, entry-level kit for the first-time builder by drawing on Doyle’s experience in precision machining and fabrication, and dealing with the tight tolerances involved in aircraft components. When everything fits, it is much easier for the customer to build. For $4999, the customer receives a kit that has the minimum needed to make a drivable Goblin. For those that want to cover up a bit, there are two versions of the car available with fiberglass and aluminum body panels and fenders. The City Goblin ($6999) includes all the lights and mirrors to be street legal while the Track Goblin ($7499) comes with a roll cage, rear spoiler and race seat mounting hardware. Any of the three configurations can be customized with the company’s online kit customizer tool. The current prototype is a City Goblin kit with an optional spoiler. To purchase that version of the kit would cost $7,200, plus a donor Cobalt (about $1,400 on this particular vehicle). With tires, new brake pads, fresh fluids and an oil filter, the prototype cost $9,450 to build. Doyle’s goal is to give the customer an easy to build and fun to drive mid-engine car for under $10,000.

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