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Beetle Mania

Getting crazy at Mid America’s VW Funfest 2019

Story and Photos by Steve Temple

All too often we come across car shows that are basically static events, with vehicles just sitting still all day long like oversized lawn ornaments. Not so with Mid America Motorworks’ VW Funfest event. It’s a moveable feast, with all sorts of driving action to liven up the diverse display of Beetles, buses and dune buggies.

This year’s theme celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first Herbie movie. The 1968 Disney feature, and its ensuing sequels, is a classic among car movies, and fans showed off their replicas of the “star car.”

But another type of celebrity was on hand as well, Bruce Meyers. He’s known the world over as the creator of a whole new type of transportation — the sand-slinging, dune-hopping Manx. Thanks to the enduring popularity of his design (one of the most copied cars in history), and its ability to make people smile, the Manx has been increasing in value in recent years. We spotted some new variations of the Manx as well, with big increases in horsepower; so stay tuned for features in upcoming issues.

There were also numerous tech seminars to help VW owners with their restorations and project cars. And for parts hunters, both new and used items were on display throughout the Mid America Motorworks show grounds. The grand finale on Saturday evening included People’s Choice Awards and an engine giveaway from Darryl’s VW. As a big bonfire lit up the night; it was visible proof that the flame still burns bright for VW-based vehicles of all types.

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