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Aldino Molds for Sale

Fiero conversion company for sale.

Here’s a rare opportunity to purchase the molds andmanufacturing rights to an established and respected Fiero conversion company. After nearly 30 years of operation and over

650 units sold Worldwide, this award-winning Fiero rebody has become known for its quality, ease of assembly and dramatic styling. When fitted with a V8 engine swap, the Aldino is said to be faster than a Ferrari Enzo.

Included with the purchase price of $74,900 are all body molds, assembly manuals, Aldino price lists pamphlets and advertising sheets, and all the rights to produce the Aldino kit car, along with one fully assembled, ready to finish 1986 GT-based Aldino K/O conversion. A completed turnkey Aldino is also for sale for $25,000. (Complete kits typically sell for $12K, and completed cars for $36K.)

The seller will assist buyer for a period of not less than six weeks and not more than twelve weeks. Seller agrees not to compete in any kit car business for a period of five years from the date of sale. Buyer is purchasing the molds and the rights to manufacture, plus technical assistance included; but not purchasing the Aldino Car Company or any goodwill associated with Aldino Car Company.

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