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						1965 Buick Riviera Restomod 1

1965 Buick Riviera restomod

Text and Photos by Steve Temple

Is seeing believing? Not in this case. What appears to be a nicely restored ’65 Buick Riviera is actually a thoroughly modern street machine.

Steve Keefer of East Bay Muscle Cars transformed a Sixties classic into a New Age ride, yet kept the period looks throughout. He started by reinforcing the factory frame with an X-member, and adding mounting points and cutouts for the exhaust.

The new exhaust setup was needed for an LS3 swap. This 430hp engine from GMPP was modified with a FAST throttle body and Holley ECU. And one more surprising aspect: it was made to look old with “Nailhead Tribute” mods. So the engine is a new/old transplant, sort of like taking a new piece of furniture and giving it an antique treatment, so it matches the rest of the decor in an older house. 

The interior follows this same theme, fitted with a hidden stereo and Vintage Air gen-IV system, covered by a custom faceplate. The gear shift indicator looks factory, but actually actuates a late-model GMPP 4L70E tranny with a GM controller.

Other contemporary parts include Roadster Shop’s fast-track universal front crossmember with Corvette C6 geometry, Afco coil-over shocks and a three-link, 9-inch rearend fitted with a Strange 3.89 Truetrac Posi.

Finishing off the chassis are Wilwood Superlite calipers (six piston front, four piston in the rear) for clamping down on 14- and 13-inch discs. Rolling stock consists of Circle Racing rims (18x8 front, 18x10 rear), shod with Pirelli P Zero tires (245/50 and  275/45).

All told, this is one rarified Riviera, one that refines an original without distorting its classic styling. Thus, history carefully revised—in a good way.

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