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Ultralite S2k 4 Sale

Ultralite S2K 4 Sale

In the market for a fun and practical car for the track and the street? If so, you need to check out Jerry Eddens’ Honda S2000-powered ’04 Ultralite for sale.

The Ultralite S2k by World Class Motorsports is a car we’d definitely welcome into our fleet. Its combination of lightweight construction and reliable performance make it perfect for a guy who wants one car to do it all. It’s light, at just over 1,400 pounds wet, thanks to its aluminum body panels, fiberglass hood and tubular chassis. The featherweight chassis could make the most out of any old four cylinder, but Ultralite designed the car for the S2000-sourced Honda F20C engine with a mind-bending 9,200 rpm redline. Jerry sourced a low-mile ’03 engine for his build that makes about 230 horsepower, but we’d imagine it feels like a lot more on the track with the insane redline and six-speed manual backing it up. With a stout 4.44.1 Subaru limited-slip differential, it’s no slouch in a straight line either; Jerry’s pulled off 1/4-mile times in the mid-twelve second range in this car.

The S2k is finished off on the exterior with code D6, “Screaming Yellow” paint from an ’04 Mustang and SSR wheels for a more modern look. The Falken Azenis tires definitely add some track-credibility to its look with the large, directional treads. On the inside, Jerry’s fitted full Pro-Comp gauges and circuit breakers instead of fuses.

If you’re looking for one car that can do it all, this S2k could fit the bill. It’s fast, fun and reliable enough to daily drive, thanks its production Honda engine. Jerry’s asking $25,700 for it, which is pretty comparable to this Ultralite we found which sold on BringaTrailer.com for $24,000 last year. If you’re looking for more info on the S2k, see Jerry’s description below and email us for Jerry's contact info at dean.larson@reincarnationmag.com. 

For Sale:

2004 World Class Motorsports “Ultralite S2k” Lotus 7 replica.

This car is licensed in Missouri as a 1968 Lotus, is located in suburban St. Louis, Mo, and I am asking $25,700.

I am selling it to concentrate on my other hobbies. It is in excellent condition, has no problems, and is ready to go. Just start it and drive it. It is powered by the Honda S2000 engine and a 6-speed gearbox, so it has that solid Honda reliability. Weighing in at 1420 pounds wet, with the 240 hp at 9000rpm, it is very fast.

I assembled this car from a kit in 2004. The car has 11,750 miles on the odometer, and the 2003 2.0 liter Honda engine (and transmission) had only 1751 miles when it was installed. The I” square tube frame was jig welded by the factory, and they also installed the exterior sheet metal and painted it. The frame is powder coated, the sheet metal is all aluminum and the hood is fiberglass.

The color is 2004 Ford Mustang Color Code D6, “Screaming Yellow”.

The power is put down via the Honda 6 speed transmission, through a 4.44:1 Subaru limited slip differential, Subaru half shafts and uprights, and the rear wheels are 8.0 wide SSR forged aluminum wheels and Falken Azenis 245/45 R17 RT615K tires. The tires have about 1000 miles on them. The IRS rear suspension features a 10-link design, with QA1 shocks and 300 #/in coil over springs.

The front end has 225/45/R17 Falkens on 7.5 wide SSR rims, with Qa1 shocks and 400#/in coil springs. The steering rack is from an MGB, and the brakes are 12” diameter Wilwoods front and rear, with 4 pad Wilwood Dynalite calipers and a brake bias valve to adjust the rear brakes. The Wilwood dual master cylinders and clutch cylinder are adjustable for your leg length. All suspension points are fitted with Heim joint rod ends, no rubber bushings, it’s all metal to metal, like a race car.

The driver’s seat is 18” wide, and the passenger seat is 16” wide, substantially wider than a typical Seven, giving lots of room. These are 20-degree layback Ultrashield Pro Drag seats with the headrest shortened, with cloth seat covers. The car is wide with no cramping of the feet in the pedal box. You can wear street shoes and drive it OK. The passenger area is insulated with foil backed fiberglass around the footbox and sidewalls. The exhaust is on the right side with a catalytic converter and front & rear O2 sensors so the computer sees normal conditions. Th seat belts are from Ultrashield, and feature lap, shoulder and crotch belts.

It has full instrumentation, speedo, tach, oil, water, fuel, voltage, and a shift light just below the driver’s windscreen. The gauges are Auto Meter Pro-Comps, and the buttons on the right are circuit breakers rather than fuses. It also has a tonneau, which will cover the cockpit at night when you are traveling. There is a plenty of trunk space, where you can pack a couple of soft bags, and the 13-gallon fuel tank gives a lot of range. Take it on a trip. Like to the Tail of the Dragon.

Here is a link to an article on the car, which was the cover car for the Sept 2005 Kit Car Magazine. I have a copy of the mag for the buyer.


Included with the car are my build pictures CD, notes, part numbers that I have, wiring diagrams, instruction sheets for parts etc.

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