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Three Killer Custom Beetles Available Now

Three customized VW Beetles for sale on Craigslist

By Dean Larson

Photos: Sellers, Craigslist

Hitler envisioned the VW Beetle as “the people’s car,” something that could be mass-produced cheaply for the purpose of frugal transportation in Germany in the 1930s. But the Beetle found its true identity across the globe as a symbol of individuality and adaptability, and the immense number of customized VWs, enthusiast events and aftermarket parts availability has stood the test of time. Beetles have been customized for speed, curb appeal, off-road prowess and more, and even now, some 40 plus years after the majority of Beetles had hit the road, they’re still being bought up, restored and customized in every conceivable style. In honor of the Beetle’s history of customization, we’ve assembled the following killer custom Beetles that you can buy on Craigslist right now.

1. Tastefully Modified Survivor

"I have a Classic 1965 VW beetle survivor. Original paint and interior."

We’ll start things off on a tame note with this ’65 survivor car sporting nice patina and custom wheels with whitewalls. The seller explains that the Beetle retains its original paint and interior and there’s no rust present on the body. But after 80,000 plus miles, the original 1,192 cc engine has since been replaced with an upgraded 1,600 cc unit, and a freeway flyer transmission was also installed. The seller reports that the car runs great and easily does 75 mph on the highway. Besides a couple rust spots on the chassis pan, this one’s a real looker inside and out that’s obviously been well looked after its whole life.

Hagerty places the value on a number 4 “fair condition” car at $6,600, suggesting you might want to sit on this one for a few weeks. Price aside, this is a real feel-good machine that will likely get plenty of thumbs up reactions. Find it here on Columbus Craigslist.

2. ’62 Two-Tone Type 1

"Fresh 1600, all new underneath. No rust. Lowered. Correctly... adjustable."

Here’s another work of air-cooled art in the form of warmed-over Type 1 with loads of charm. This one’s a ’62 model that’s also had a fresh 1,600 cc upgraded engine installed. The seller cites that the car is rust free and is like new underneath, and two-tone blue and beige paintwork was applied over the original teal scheme. Stance was improved by lowering the car and installing widened steel wheels sporting powder coat and chrome caps. Front and rear bumpers were removed for a custom look and a single center-exit exhaust adds attitude.

This 1962 Beetle asks $7,500 and I think it’s pretty close to the right money. The only work this one needs is in the interior, where matching upholstery and door cards would finish this car off nicely. See it here on Detroit Metro Craigslist.

3. Chopped Volks Rod

"Original paint and interior. Has a rebuilt 1600 motor with a freeway flyer trans."

Cut, grind, weld and repeat — you can bet that flipping the script on a VW Beetle like this was no easy task. Modifications performed on this Beetle’s chassis and bodywork have transformed it into German hot rod unlike any other, and we absolutely dig it!

The Bug’s body was entirely reshaped by chopping the roof and shortening its overall length as well, omitting the Beetle’s sloping rear for a business coupe profile. The trunk was modified heavily by grafting on a Beetle hood in the rear, and the transformation is honestly seamless. In fact, the profile starts to resemble that of 1940 Ford some.

But it was more than just sheet metal mods that made this car what it is, and the builder did some extensive modifications to fit a 1932 Ford beam axle up front with a transverse leaf spring. It doesn’t get a whole lot more hot rod than that. 16-inch wheels, whitewalls and a 1,600 cc engine complete the package.

Listed here on Lansing Craigslist, this is truly a Beetle without equal. And with that in mind, expect a price tag in a league of its own. $22,500 it is, unless you’ve got an enticing trade offer.

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