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Rough and Ready Jaguar D-Type Body

Aluminum Jaguar D-Type body for sale

By Dean Larson

Take a look at a sporty Jaguar from the 1950s and ’60s and you’ll no doubt feel the influence of aviation. Streamlined shapes, lightweight materials and refined inline engines are just a few things the two machines share in common. The business-only cockpits reinforce the visual with lightweight steering wheels full of speed holes, large Smiths gauges and big toggle switches. Most every great Jaguar from this time period can be traced back to Malcolm Sayer, an astute aerodynamicist and an even better automobile designer. The genius of Sayer’s work, and the unquestionable aeronautical influence can be clearly seen in this aluminum D-Type replica for sale on eBay.

Raw D Type 3

The D-Type needs no introduction in this community, and its beauty and aerodynamic elegance is particularly evident in this raw aluminum state. This ’54 “long nose” body comes from Mielec, Poland, likely where it was manufactured. There isn’t much more information, other than that the body includes a front frame section from an E-Type and is designed to be finished with E-Type mechanicals and interior parts.

Looking at this raw Jag body, it’s hard not to dream. I catch myself filling in the missing details, a small windscreen here, some leather belt hood restraints there, and that thin-rimmed wood wheel inside too. But save the British Racing Green paint on this one, as it looks just right in raw aluminum. 

If you're interested in an aluminum D-Type with some assembly required, check out the eBay listing here.

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