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						R Code Galaxie
One-Off Factory-Built ’66 Galaxie R-Code

1966 Ford Galaxie R-Code drag racer

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

Everything changed in the world of drag racing by 1966. Small cars like the Dodge and Plymouth A990s, and Ford’s Fairlanes and Mustangs had taken the spotlight in the stock classes, groups that had been dominated in the early ’60s by full size entries. Ever tightening competition rules, changing body styles and outside pressure drove most of the manufacturers away from the Stock classes, and it was the wild nitro-burning altered wheelbase and funny cars that were grabbing the hype and publicity. So not exactly the right era to be campaigning a full size doorslammer, all of which makes the existence of this factory-built Galaxie R-Code one-off all the more intriguing.

The full-size Galaxie was still a common sight on the high-banked ovals of NASCAR by 1966, but Ford’s serious drag efforts in the stock classes was taking flight in highly-modified Mustangs and Fairlanes. But that didn’t stop brothers Bobby and Cecil edge from leaning on a few connections at Ford to order a specially equipped R-code Galaxie straight from the factory, likely the only one of its kind.

In addition to the R-code 427 FE medium-riser engine, and the radio and heater deletes and rubber floor that came with it, the Edge brothers ordered the car with a Thunderbolt-style ram-air system, fiberglass teardrop hood, a 4.56:1 Detroit Locker with 31-spline axles and a nodular center section. Further modifications included relocating the battery to the trunk, and the installation of a dual-point ignition and cast-iron headers. The car was built at Ford’s Atlanta Assembly facility and delivered to Fred Peak Ford in Oneonta, Alabama, where the Edge brothers took delivery.

Bobby raced the car with Cecil as his mechanic, apparently in the A/Stock class per a period photo. Despite some heavy modifications for the track, the edge brothers weren’t seeing much success in the Galaxie and cut it loose in 1967. The car passed through another owner who raced the car in this same configuration before it was sold to a third owner, who undertook somewhat of a gasser-style build with a straight axle under the front. By the 1970s, a new owner continued the gasser theme by cutting out the firewall and moving the engine further back. The car was raced through the early ’80s and traded hands a few more times, eventually purchased by a Roger Decker, who researched the car’s history and was pleasantly surprised to find it was an original R-Code car, basically unheard of in a ’66 Galaxie. Roger was able to trace much of the car's history, including written correspondence with Cecil Edge. He eventually restored the Galaxie to factory-fresh condition.

Today the Bobby and Cecil Edge ’66 Galaxie is presented in nearly identical condition to the day the Edge brothers took delivery of it all those years ago, and it’s heartwarming to know the car’s history has been preserved. For patrons of blue oval drag history, this car could very well be one of one, making it quite valuable. But with a $99,500 ask here on Cleveland Craigslist, it’s going to take the right customer to strike a deal.

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