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Fiberglass Mercedes 300 SL Body

Fiberglass Mercedes 300 SL body for sale

There are few automobiles out there that can match the original Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing. Few, if any, would disagree that it’s one of the best looking cars ever built. Its body is a flawless mixture of elegance and performance, instantly recognizable even before you lift the telltale gullwing doors. But the 300 SL was also packed with Mercedes best technology and engineering, including an aluminum spaceframe chassis and direct fuel injection. The car was initially expensive, over three times the cost of an average American sedan of the day, and the SL is among the most expensive, blue-chip collector cars today.

The 300 SL is infrequently replicated, as Mercedes has taken a hard-nosed approach to recreations, but a few solid examples can be found on the secondhand market based on Corvette and late-model Mercedes donors. This 1955 300 SL bare fiberglass body on Orange County Craigslist is a rare sight, and could be the start to someone’s DIY Gullwing build, provided you’re willing to take on a serious, ground-up build. The seller reports that the body was constructed using molds made by Hermann Quint, who built Corvette-based SL replicas in the ’60s.

The finished fiberglass body looks look the part, and a few photos of completed cars are shown using a late-model Mercedes convertible. The seller states that steel tubular chassis and glass can be provided, which would be a massive benefit to the project if they fit your specs. But either way, this build is bound to be a pricey one if you had your eye set on authenticity. With original Gullwing cars valued in excess of $1.3 million, its likely an original gauge set, dash panel or mirror is cheap to acquire. In addition, the seller has an asking price of $25,000, but it’s unclear whether the chassis and glass are included for this price or not.

See the seller's ad here on Craigslist.

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