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Daytona Coupe Redefines the Term Driver Quality

Superformance Daytona Coupe for sale

With many replica vehicles, owners often find that an exacting copy of an old race car isn’t necessarily the most practical street machine. Sure, we all have different tolerances, and some are willing to put up with more in the pursuit of an accurate replica, but it’s certainly not the only way. The beauty of this market is the ability to customize, adapt and ultimately drive, when it’s not practical to do these things with an original. With only six originals ever built, and all for dedicated track use, the Daytona Coupe surely fits this description.

Just like Phil Spector’s CSX2287 back in the 1960s, you’d find an original Daytona Coupe to be hot, loud and too raw for street use. Unlike Spector though, modifying an original for the street would irritate many more than just the local police these days. Fortunately, more practical, affordable and ethical options exists today for a streetable Daytona Coupe, take this Superformance Daytona Coupe for instance.

Currently up for auction on BringaTrailer.com, this Coupe, is loaded with features to improve its on-road manners. A quick scan of the car’s exterior reveals large, 18-inch FIA-style wheels, which permit the use of larger brakes and low-profile summer-performance tires. Small splash guards were added front and rear to protect the paintwork and stone-guard paint was used on the rocker panels. A third brake light is incorporated into the rear spoiler, improving safety and visibility on the street.

The interior of the Coupe shares little with the original racers, but it feels appropriate and period correct for a street-legal Daytona. In place of the plain, sheet metal dashboard, you’ll find a fully upholstered dash fitting for a ’60s GT car with full instrumentation. Heat and air-conditioning controls were incorporated nicely, along with a glove box and several storage compartments in the rear. The pattern on the upholstery echoes that of the early Cobras, but the seats were built in a high-back design with more substantial bolsters. Full door cards complete the interior, and a roll-up window mechanism beats the small slide opening on the original Daytona.

In addition to these enhancements, the Daytona also features a few key improvements under the hood. Sticking with a small block Ford, the Daytona was finished with a stroked Roush 427R under the hood. This powerplant keeps weight down and performance up, with the displacement of a big block without the weight. A pair of radiator fans and a carbon induction scoop are nice touches for added cooling, but the builder went beyond that, installing two fans underneath the engine bay to extract hot air.

With all these add-ons, it’s no wonder the car has accumulated 4,300 miles since its completion. With fresh fluids and California SB100 certification, this Coupe is sure to stack on miles for years to come. With three days remaining in the auction, the Coupe has a current high bid of $82,000.

See the Coupe here on BringaTrailer.com.

Reserve was not met at $90,000.

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