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Craigslist CAV GT40

Cape Advanced Vehicles (CAV) GT40

By Dean Larson

If you’ve been lurking around the second-hand GT40 replica market for any amount of time, than you’ve surely come across a CAV GT40. CAV actually stands for Cape Advanced Vehicles, a clever play on Ford Advanced Vehicles (where the original GT was developed), but named for CAV’s Cape Town, South Africa location. This CAV GT40 listed for sale on Craigslist is a nicely presented early build, but does its condition justify its hefty price tag?

CAV got its start back in 1999 and this particular GT rolled out of their factory in 2000. The car is based on a stainless steel monocoque chassis with well-designed coilover suspension on all-four corners. A 302 ci roller engine powers the GT, and its been hopped up with aluminum heads, MSD ignition and an 8 Stack EFI system. The engine puts power down through a Getrag five-speed transaxle and a genuine crossover-style “bundle-of-snakes” exhaust sings the song of its people. The entire installation is very sanitary, from the AN fuel fittings to the heat-shielding on the plug wires and coated exhaust runners. The seller claims the car was a factory build, but that could be difficult to substantiate. The car currently resides in Florida and is titled as a 1965 Ford.

The car’s fiberglass bodywork reflects that of a proper MkI GT40, and the pin-drive hubs, Raydyot mirrors and updated Lexan windows are bonuses. The interior also presents quite well with an authentic gauge layout and metal grommet-equipped seats. There aren’t any real problems with the GT’s presentation, but a few updates would improve its curb appeal. A new set of wheels, possibly BRM or a different Halibrand wheel, would be worthwhile, along with a few adjustments in the paint scheme. Applying black paint to the fiberglass areas behind the rear and side glass would also be a large improvement.

Overall, this CAV GT40 is a nicely finished MkI GT replica with solid componentry under its skin despite its age. The seller did not disclose the odometer reading, but I would sure hope someone has wracked up some miles on it in the last 18 years.

The seller has the GT listed on Fort Myers Craigslist for $127,900, and if you’re thinking that’s a bit high, you’d be right. With a quick web search, you can find brand new CAV and Superformance rollers for the same money, and newer turnkey CAVs for $140,000. The value on this GT is probably closer to $110,000, and maybe the seller would accept that offer, as the car has been relisted a few times now.

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