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Jaguar C-Type replica for sale

The Jaguar C-Type is not an easy cat to bag. The value of an authentic C-Type is measured in millions thanks to scarcity, stunning looks and its Le Mans racing pedigree.

However, there are several ways to scratch your C-Type itch within the replica market. Hand-built aluminum replicas with painstaking accuracy are available, but these cars almost always cater to the top end of the market. A more affordable route to a C-Type you can actually drive is the component car industry.

This 1951 Jaguar C-Type replica offered on Craigslist in Minneapolis showcases what is possible with a component car build. The builder started with a C-Type kit from Shell Valley that features a tube frame with A-arm front suspension, four-link rear suspension and Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass body. In stock form, the Shell Valley kit is designed for a Ford or Chevrolet small block, but the builder had other ideas. Instead, a Jaguar 4.2-liter engine with Weber carburetors powers the C-Type. Sourced from a 1967 Jaguar 420, the 4.2-liter engine is descended from the rare 3.4-liter and was dressed up with polished valve covers and stainless steel headers. A manual transmission conversion kit was sourced from Classic Jaguar to allow the use of a Tremec T5 transmission. The builder also improved the suspension by utilizing Mustang II-style front suspension and adjustable coil-over shocks in all four corners. 

The interior of the Jaguar is simple and understated, yet clearly thought out. Starting with sound deadener and finishing with black fitted carpet and leather seats, the Jaguar looks comfortable but not overdone. To provide the correct driving experience, the cockpit is accentuated with Smiths gauges from the 420 donor car, a Moto-Lita steering wheel, and Brooklands wind screens.

The builder of this C-Type replica honored the spirit of the original with a car that can actually be driven. If this British Racing Green legend is your idea of a perfect weekend driver, check it out here on Craigslist.

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