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Cavaliere Vintage 250 Roadster

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

Pairing proven American V8 powertrains with exotic fiberglass bodywork is a time-honored tradition here in the United States, going back to the days of Glasspar, Devin, Vicress and others. Candido Cavaliere of Cavaliere Roadsters in Port Charlotte, Florida is keeping that tradition alive today, crafting his own sports cars on custom chassis with domestic V8 powerplants. We’ve featured Candido’s V8 Austin Healey re-creation, along with his Vintage 250 roadster in the past, and if you’ve been inspired, this Vintage 250 builder’s kit on eBay could be just the thing to get your dream rolling.

The Vintage 250 starts with a jig-welded chassis of 2 x 2-inch, and 2 x 3-inch rectangular steel on a 92.5-inch wheelbase. Most of the mechanical systems are sourced from a Corvette C4, including the front and rear suspension geometry and the powertrain, although most small-block Chevrolets will bolt up. Out back, Cavaliere did away with the transverse-leaf setup, in favor of more adjustable coilover suspension.

With this car, Cavaliere states that a 1995 Corvette donor was used for the front and rear suspension systems, but you’ll need to source your own coilovers, as temporary struts are fit for the time being. Late C4 wheels are included as well, and it looks like they’ll require some light refinishing. The chassis is setup for small-block Chevrolet engine mounts, but you’ll have to fabricate a crossmember for the transmission of your choice.

The fiberglass sections for Candido’s 250 roadster started out as a collection of six fiberglass body panels at a body shop used as shaping bucks for aluminum panels. Candido purchased the parts and used them to create a custom fiberglass body, which was modified around his V8-powered chassis.

The body included in this sale seems to be finished quite well, with no exposed mold lines, but surely some finishing work will be required. A windscreen and side vents, along with headlights, taillights and door hinges have also been installed.

Candido’s Vintage 250 kit is selling here on eBay. The starting bid is $12,500 with two days remaining in the auction.

Additionally, check out a finished version of the Vintage 250 roadster here from our Spring 2018 issue.

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