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2008 Superformance GT40

Superformance GT40 replica for sale

By Dean Larson

The Ford GT40 bearing chassis number P/1046 has quite an interesting tale to tell. After winning the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, (a contested case on its own) P/1046 was resprayed and raced again. After being crashed and repaired in 1967, the car went on a nationwide publicity tour before being parted out. Luckily, a clever few still saw the value in P/1046, and the chassis was purchased and built into a hot-rod supercar. But through the years and a few changes of ownership, P/1046 was returned to proper racing configuration and raced at vintage racing events up to the early 2000s. In 2014, the GT was sold once again and underwent an extensive restoration, completed in 2016 to honor the 50th anniversary of Ford’s first Le Mans victory.

With such a diverse and significant history to its name, it’s easy to understand the popularity of the little black and gold GT. And it’s tough to honor the GT40 better than a Superformance does, and the proof is in this GT bearing chassis number P2298

Superformance Gt3

The beauty of this GT is more than skin deep, evidenced by the 600 hp, dry-sump equipped Ford 351 Windsor engine. The potent small block is topped with a quartet of Weber carbs contained in an aluminum pan and surrounded by ceramic-coated exhaust runners. The Gurney Eagle valve covers are a nice salute to the late Dan Gurney and his propriety open-wheel racers. The interior is also a pleasant mix of function and historically accurate form, and the signatures of Carroll Shelby and Bob Bondurant grace the dash. The exterior of the GT40 is finished exceptionally, better than the original no doubt, and looks appropriate for the low odometer reading of 1,750 miles.

You’ll notice a couple interesting differences from the original, starting with the famed Gurney Bubble. Even though it was piloted to Le Mans victory by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon, P/1046 was equipped with the bubble, except on the right hand side to go with its right-hand-drive configuration. We’ll take this diversion from the original every day over the difficulty of driving a right-hand-drive vehicle in the U.S. The GT is also equipped with Avon CR6ZZ tires for their historically accurate tread and grippy performance, but Goodyear logos have been added because that’s what the original wore. Another welcomed change is the air conditioning unit added on the inside. While street versions of the GT were offered with optional A/C units, very few were added, creating some discomfort in a mid-engine car.

In these ways, P2298 is a nicely enhanced, yet honest salute to an American icon. But what does it take to own such a vehicle? This slightly used model is offered by Hillbank Motor Corp. for $159,950, a $40,000 discount and shortcut around the 12-month lead time according to the seller. I’ll have to file that under “unattainable for now,” but I’m open to the prospect of winning the lottery and changing that. 

See this Superformance GT40 here on eBay.

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