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$1.25 Gets You This Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari GTO 250 body on a Datsun Chassis

With what essentially amounts to the loose change jingling around in your pocket you can be the proud owner, or maybe we should just say "owner" of this 1962 Ferrari GTO replica. Currently listed on eBay with no reserve and a bid of less than a buck and a half, this GTO isn't going to fool anyone. Yet I'm strangely attracted to thought of owning this thing for less than two crumpled dollar bills.

The current owner states it's set up for a GM powerplant – a 350/TH350 combination. Though none currently exists in this Datsun-donored Italian exotic, so budget another couple thousand on top of your two dollar investment to make it go.  And go it should. The engine and tranny probably weigh more than the car, so practice for understeer.

On the plus side, the owner states it's got brakes, glass, a brass radiator, a "very cool steering wheel" and many other parts. Perusing the photos you'll see that all the parts are not-so-tidily stuffed in the hatchback. And yes, the steering wheel is kinda cool.

The car is said to have minimal surface rust, which is a tad confusing as it appears to be a fiberglass-bodied car. The fiberglass could possibly be grafted right on top of the old Z-car? I seem to recognize that A-pillar and roof being the stock Datsun/Nissan steel. Still, makes you wonder what could be lurking beneath. There's also some scary bondo/glass work hiding right out in the open on the rear hatch and fender area. Remember, though, this thing is currently only bid up to $1.25. The faux wire wheels are well worth $1.25.

If you're sitting near Pikesville, Maryland you should forego your cup of gas station coffee and instead budget that toward owning this dandy. Park this Ferrari in your driveway, let it accumulate some dust, dirt and mouse feces and you'll be showing off your new barn find to unassuming neighbors by the weekend.

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