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ERA GT40 (#73609)


  • Make: ERA GT40
  • Model: GT40
  • Location: HARDWICK NJ, NJ
ERA GT40 DONT COME UP VERY OFTEN AND SHE IS A GOOD CAR SO IF YOU ARE IN THE MARKET FOR ONE IT SHOULD BE LOOKED AT.TITLED AS A 1966 FORD GT - ERA 2064 ASSEMBLED BY ERA IN THE 1990’S FOR THEIR CUSTOMER AND PER THE OWNER OF ERA, PETER THE CAR HAD SOME ONE OFF FEATURE’S LIKE A WINDSHIELD THAT WAS THINNER THAN THE REST AND IT WAS A TOP NOTCH BUILD.WEIGHTED ON A CAT CERTIFIED SCALE – FULL GAS TANKS 2680 POUNDS [ NO DRIVER] WITH AXLE WEIGHTS OF 1100 front and 1580 rearENGINE BUILT BY DANBURY COMPETITION ENGINES, DANBURY CONN.Engine built by Danbury Competition Engines AND SHE RUNS Ford SVO block with 4-bolt main 331ci stroker kit forged 10:1 compression pistons Custom grind camshafts 1:60-1 roller rocker arms Ford Windsor JR Cylinder heads (Cast iron, per original GT40) Double valve springs Seat and valve machining performed for improved flow Aviaid 7 qt low profile oil pan Stainless steel 1.94 ” intake and 1.60” exhaust valves Snow White water pump Ceramic coated 180 degree “bundle of snakes” headers – into mufflers that are empty. It sounds just right.COBRA VALVE COVERS, MOROSO OIL CATCH CAN SYSTEM AND WEBER 48IDA SIT ON TOP.IGNITION IS MSD 6A PT# 6420 -6000 REV LIMITER CHIP – MSD BLASTER COIL –MSD STREET FIRE IGNITION WIRES AND FORD DISTRIBUTOR M12127-A304 TACH DRIVE WT GREASE FITTING [ MADE BY MSD AND THE TACH IS FEED BY WIRE].NEWER ALUM RADIATOR WITH A PAIR OF SPAL- 643 CFM FANSSINGLE REMOTE OIL COOLER WITH SPAL -313 CFM FANREMOTE OIL FILTERALL BRAIDED LINES WHERE NEEDED. RADIATOR OVER FLOW WITH BRAIDED LINE FOR THE OVERFLOW WITH BULKHEAD FILLING EMPTYING DIRECTLY UNDER THE TRANSMISSIONZF TRANSMISSION SD5-25-2 0061641ST GEAR 2.23 – 2ND 1.47 – 3RD 1.04 – 4TH 0.846 5TH 0.765 AND A DIFF RATIO 4.22NEVER ANY ISSUES WITH THE TRANSMISSION AND IT SHIFTS VERY SMOOTH.ENGINE OIL AND TRANS OIL CHANGED EVERY WINTERENGINE OIL IS AMSOIL Z-ROD 20/50 WITH A WIX OIL FILTER RACING 51515RNO FLUID LEAKS.END OF 2019- ALL COOLANT HOSES WERE REPLACED, STAINLESS STEEL CLAMPS, ENGINE WAS FLUSHED, THERMOSTAT REPLACED. NEW ALTERNATOR BELT INSTALLED. REASON DONE PREVENTATIVE MAINTANCE. BRAKES Front brakes: Chevrolet C4 Corvette aluminum brake calipers using 11.5” two-piece brake rotors with aluminum hats Rear brakes: Chevrolet C4 Corvette aluminum brake calipers using 11.75” single-piece brake rotors with integral parking brake Braided, Russell stainless-steel brake lines Girling master cylinder with balance bar Suspension Spax adjustable coil over springs and dampers ERA aluminum/magnesium uprights that accept standard wheel bearing for ease of servicing Jig-welded tubular upper and lower control arms The cockpit incorporates several GT40 details, including a suite of Stewart Warner gauges, toggle switches, and a quick release three-spoke slotted steering wheel wt ford gt emblem and custom gt shift knob Leather seats feature brass grommets and are accompanied by 4-point harnesses. The car was equipped from the factory with A/C, which remains operational. Staggered 15″ pin-drive Halibrand-style alloy wheels are equipped with knockoffs and are shod with Avon CR6-ZZ tires. The Avon’s were put on the car spring of 2019 and have approx. 1000 miles on them.Semi-monocoque [STAINLESS ] chassis as original, John Wyer wide body (Gulf car style). All flares. Center section same as GT#1075. Left-hand driver position. aluminum front water pipes to replace hosesuspension, brakes: front & rear double-adjustable shocks & springs, front & rear swaybars. Header tank (coolant expansion tank) as original. In the cockpit: Stewart Warner instrumentation, Air conditioning, heater and defroster, Leather seats as original w/grommets and fitted with seat sliders, [ driver seat only and i do have a seat slider for the pass]. Four-point seatbelts, custom sound deadening on floor and in the doors. Competition type door pulls inside door panels, black carpet, removable steering wheel, windshield washer system and wiper motor. Other particulars: rustproofing & undercoating, radiator stone guard, Deltron-painted chassis, rack & pinion steering, two cross-linked impact-resistant foam-filled tanks, fresh air brake scoops. Cibie headlamps as original, custom aluminum heat shields for underside of rear of coachwork, custom SS (stainless steel) head shielding for rear bulkhead, custom heat shielding firewall, heat shielding on upper portion of rear deck.German 5-speed ZF 5DS gearbox as original, custom bellhousing, custom halfshafts.THERE IS SO MUCH INFO SEE THE PICTURES AND ORIG ORDER SHEETSLETS GET TO THE MEAT AND POTATOS, SHE RUNS AND DRIVES LIKE IT WAS DESIGNED. THE ENGINE IS SUPPOSTLY 400 HP AND THAT IS ALL YOU NEED IN THIS GIRL IF YOU WANT TO DRIVE IT. THE AC SYSTEM WORKS - WHEN YOU SLOW DOWN 30 MPH OR LESS GET STUCK IN TRAFFIC NOT SO GOOD. THE WEBERS WORK GREAT -UNLESS IT IS 90 + DEGREES AND YOU GET STUCK IN TRAFFIC THEY CAN GET TEMPERMENTAL BUT IN OVER 2000 MILES HAS NEVER LEFT ME STRANDED.THE TRANS SHIFTS EFFORTLESS AND THE TIRES STICK LIKE GLUE.AVONS WHICH ARE 1.5 YEARS OLD AND 1200 MILESTHE CAR HAS PIN DRIVE HALIBRANDS ON HER NOW AND A SET OF BRM 6 SPOKE [ never mounted] STYLE ACCOMPY THE CAR.WIPER ARM AND BLADE ARE WITH THE CAR I JUST DO NOT KEEP IT ON. I HAVE BEEN OUT IN THE RAIN 2 TIMES COMING BACK AND GOING TO A CARS AND COFFEE AND WITH RAINX ON THE WINDSHIELD YOU JUST DON’T NEED IT.ALL LIGHTS AND GUAGES WORK AS THEY SHOULD. EMERGANCY BRAKE WORKS, AND PLENTY OF MEAT ON THE BRAKE PADS.CAR WAS ORIGIONALLY YELLOW AND OVER THE YEARS AND SINCE IT HAS BEEN DRIVEN NUMEROUS ROCK CHIPS WERE PRESENT.THE PAINT STILL SHOWED WELL BUT I DECIDED LAST YEAR TO DO A COLOR CHANGE TO GUARDSMAN BLUE USING DUPONT CHROMABASE AND THEN 5 COATS OF CLEAR WET SANDED TO 4000 THEN POLISHED OUT. EVERYTHING THAT COULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED WAS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE WINDSHIELD AS I CONTACTED ERA AND COULD NOT GET THE THINNER WINDSCREEN SO WE DECIDED TO LEAVE IT IN. IT WAS TAPED OFF CAR WAS PREPARED AND PAINTED. THE MOLDING WAS THEN LIFTED AND PAINTED UNDERNEATH. IF I DID NOT TELL YOU- YOU MIGHT NOT SEE IT.I HAVE THE ORIG ERA ORDER CHECK SHEET AND ERA ASSEMBLY MANUAL.JUST TIME FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO ENJOY IT. 908-674-0244
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