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Rein Car Nation Cover Spring 2020

2012 SuperLite Coupe (#72630)


  • Make: SuperLite
  • Model: Coupe
  • Year: 2012
  • Location: Cornelius, NC
This SuperLite-Coupe (SL-C) was built with a high level of craftsmanship. It earned numerous top awards and gained national media attention. It was built for both show and the street. The engine is a GM Performance LS3 6.2L V8 producing 460HP. The power is sent through a heavy duty Getrag 6 speed transaxle (G50-20). The car weighs about 2600lbs, so the power to weight ratio is an exhilarating 5.6LBs per HP.But cars are much more than their numbers. The way a car feels is important. The SuperLite coupe chassis was refined through its racing program. In the 2011 NASA race series, it won every race it finished, set numerous track records, and won the National NASA Unlimited Championship.The chassis is well balanced, ultra-stiff and has a low center of gravity, so it doesn’t need rock hard springs. Instead, the ride is tuned to be surprisingly supple and confidence inspiring. The front looks low, but the ride height is set to clear typical curbs and speedbumps. The optional hydraulic lift is installed in the front suspension to clear unusually tall obstacles. There coil-overs on all 4 corners that have adjustable compression and rebound, so you can easily tune-in more stiffness if you desire. The interior was professionally crafted by the Custom Stitching Co. The Custom Stitching Co. is known for their many SEMA Feature cars. The cabin surrounds you with leather and other fine materials. Great care was taken to isolate the driver from harsh noises, rattles, squeaks, and vibration. The reduced noise level and contoured seats make this grand tourer a comfortable place to enjoy the journey. The custom dash, seats, gauges, Bluetooth stereo, rear view camera, and cold AC sets this car above most other SL-Cs.This is one of the only SLCs that has a trunk. The trunk is tucked under the front bonnet and is large enough to fit my wife in it. See video showing all the details.The bodywork and paint were professionally done by the Charlotte Speed Shop. The Charlotte Speed Shop has been featured many times on the Velocity TV Gearz program for their fine coachwork. There are numerous minor modifications to emphasize the flowing purposeful shape of the classic IMSA GTP racer. Great effort was expended to align panels, set precise panel gaps, and block sand the surface to perfection. In fact, Chip Foose gave this SL-C his “Best Paint” award.The finished car draws a crowd where ever it goes. At stop lights, people jump out of their car to snap a photo. This SL-C also attracted national attention. It was featured on several Velocity Channel programs such as Gearz, PowerNation, and Caffeine & Octane. It was a feature car at the 2017 SEMA show. A book was also published that details how this SLC was built. More Information. Video of this SL-C on the Velocity Channel’s Gearz program -> Video of this SL-C on the Velocity Channel’s PowerNation program -> Video of this SL-C on the Velocity Channel’s PowerNation Garage -> Close up Video of this SL-C showing all the details -> Video of driving this SL-C -> See published book on -> More photos at ->
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