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1981 Sterling Cimbria SS (#79862)

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  • Make: Sterling
  • Model: Cimbria SS
  • Year: 1981
  • Location: New Berlin, WI
This is an absolutely amazing car with an even better story. 1981 Sterling Cimbria SS Manufactured by Amore Motors in Wisconsin. These cars were sold as component (assembled and built by Amore) and as kit cars. This particular Cimbria was purchased by a fine gentleman as a kit car who reached out to me and told me its story. It was meticulously built over 5 years and was just fundamentally done right. This Cimbria has an amazing chassis and motor mount which helps transfer the power of its rear minted engine to a pair of some of the fattest tires out there. The chassis it rock solid, it's nearly as impressive as the body of the car. There is no rust whatsoever. It certainly helps that this car would be nearly impossible to drive in the snow. I doubt it's driven 20,000 miles its whole life. Seeing this thing in person demonstrates what a poor photographer I am. I believe it weighed 1700 pounds before I pulled the cast iron Buick V6 from it and replaced it with a lighter weight and more powerful electric motor. I'd be happy to include a detailed background of the electrical set up. It couldn't be easier for future maintenance: all the electrical components are from a Nissan Leaf I stripped down, any replacements you may need over the next 20 years will be available off the shelf and relatively inexpensive for any DIYer. There were about 500 of these originally made over 40 years ago and there aren't many left, you are definitely looking at an exceptionally rare car. The interior is in ok shape but aesthetically, it would be the next thing I'd work on. The seats are in great shape and have brand-new slider rails. The carpet would be an easy thing to replace that would really take this to a new level. All the glass is in great shape. In another life this would be my forever car. I will caution that it's a bit of a squeeze to fit in as a taller guy, Definitely needs a paint job (or the wrap route could be cool) but the fiberglass itself looks like its in great shape, all original panels are included. It makes me happy every time I look at it. Another big job will be properly storing the batteries. Right not they're all sitting in the passenger seat. It works but it's not super safe. Making the battery baxes and relocating everything will be a big job but not particularly hard. Just takes time that I don't have anymore. This has been getting a ton of attention so please include the world "elephant" in your question to let me know you read the description. abusinessguy@gmail.com

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