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Rein Car Nation Cover Spring 2020

1965 Lotus Replica Super 7 (#74487)


  • Make: Lotus Replica
  • Model: Super 7
  • Year: 1965
  • Location: Manchaca, TX
Lotus Super 7 Replica.Previously featured in Reincarnation ( unique one of a kind Super7 with a Honda S2000 drive train. 2 liter 240 HP VTEC engine coupled to an S2000 transmission and rear end. Even has the S2000 instrument cluster. Willwood Clutch and Brake assembly, 10 gallon fuel cell, electric fuel pump, 1993 Volvo radiator and Mustang II steering rack. Has both a fuel cutoff switch and an Anti-theft switch to prevent engine starting if in off position. Exhaust system includes muffler and catalytic converter with both O2 sensors.Car has Elbrus 16” rims with Kumho 205/55 ZR16 on the front and 225/50 ZR16 on the rear. Front brakes are GM and the rear are Honda S2000.The chassis is a custom tube chassis based on McSorely 7 442 design. Floor and cockpit aluminum sheeting while the body is constructed from metal framing and fiberglass. Custom seats modified to fit the frame. The driver side adjustable and the passenger is fixed. Roll bars for both driver and passenger are integrated into the frame. Paint is Electric Yellow.Car is licensed, registered and insured in Texas as a "Custom Vehicle" which makes it exempt from insptction.


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